New Industrial Coating Technology Seeks to Replace Toxic Chrome Coatings at Home

Industrial coating service

Is your business still using chrome to coat consumer products like boats, firearms, and large industrial buildings? You might want to look into new ultra-hard coating technology: chrome is rapidly being replaced by new coating technology. Although chrome has been used for decades as an exterior coating, it has been shown to degrade under stressful industrial conditions. The process of applying chrome to the exterior of industrial products takes too much time for modern manufacturers: first, it is applied, and then, it has to be checked because the process of electroplating often leaves the chrome thicker around the corners and edges of the product. If you’re still using chrome plating, you could be losing money each year.

What you want to look for are low-cost ways to apply a strong, durable coating. There are companies that offer ultra-hard coating for a range of industrial applications: the coating is made from diamond and metal and outperforms chrome coatings in stress tests. Part of every architect’s concern is building bridges and buildings that last, and newer coating technology can be used in a variety of industries. Chrome has also been tagged as a chemical that is damaging to the environment, and newer coating technology is actually inert and therefore ecologically friendly. If your business requires you to maintain a fleet of heavy equipment, you may want to consider wrapping them in ultra-hard coating.

There are currently both internal and external industrial coating service machines available: if your industry demands that you coat the inside of your products, you can make the switch from chrome to a newer diamond and metal technology. Each year, more than 350 million gallons of industrial coatings are shipped to businesses, and the industry is set to expand. Architects ordered more than $10 billion in industrial coatings last year: the goal is to completely replace hard chrome on public buildings and roadways in the next several years. Unfortunately, chrome has been classified as a possible carcinogen by health officials: if you use chrome, you should talk to manufacturers about new industrial coating service options.

If you own a boat, a personal firearm, or any farming equipment, you may be able to extend the life of your possessions with industrial coating service technology. What you are looking for is wear-resistant coatings that can offer lasting protection from corrosion. You could own a riding lawn mower for several years, store it inside your garage, but what you may not realize is that a humid environment could be creating the perfect conditions for widespread rust of your vehicle. Likewise, personal firearms are prone to corrosion and to decreased function over the course of several years. Finding small-scale applications for industrial coating service technology could be key to protecting your outdoor equipment.

Talk to a specialist about industrial coating equipment for home or business: too many businesses are adding time and money to their manufacturing process, using chrome as a coating without realizing the environmental implications. Currently, only a handful of American businesses have obtained the highest environmental safety certification, but as more businesses look to incorporate new technology, the use of non-toxic industrial coating materials should become much more widespread.

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