Need Your Pipes Repaired But Don’t Want The Mess? Try Trenchless Sewer Methods

Drain repair

So there’s a clog beneath your home or garden and you have no choice but to call for a sewer repair specialist to sort it out. What do you do when you need drain inspections but don’t want to displace your carefully cultivated landscape? Why, you call for trenchless sewer repair! This revolutionary and convenient method involves minimally invasive procedures that will get your pipes cleaned in no time with little to no outward damage to the surrounding environment. Most people are still in the dark about this relatively new form of technology, so let’s take a look!

Sewer Repair Tips

It’s highly recommended you inspect your sewer lines if your home is over 40 years old. Common issues such as physical degradation or obstructing tree roots can settle in after a few decades and cause issues ranging from clogs to leaks to cracks. Tree roots can grow a whopping three times larger than the tree’s crown, which means constant work for sewer repair specialists! If you’re noticing your plumbing isn’t working quite as well as it used to, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Conventional Repair Methods

A recent survey found 78% of respondents having never heard of no-dig technology. Considering the long-term benefits of camera drain inspection and minimally invasive methods, that’s a huge shame! Another survey found 73% of homeowners preferring the increased price of no-dig technology in favor of preserving their landscaping, patio or general outdoor features. A little extra money now means you don’t have to spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars replacing your fencing or lawn in the future.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Although trenchless sewer repair has been around for over 15 years, not many people know about it or how it works. Trenchless methods involving creating small and unobtrusive cuts in the earth to inspect pipes and drains beneath the surface. Water blasters with pressures as high as 60,000 PSI can be used to effectively clean pipes with little to no damage afterwards. Cameras can even be placed near the pipes to get a better view. With technology only continuing to get better and better, don’t sign up for a huge mess — contact your local trenchless drain repair professionals and get the quick and convenient results you deserve!

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