Need To Filter Air Or Regulate Temperature? You Need To Buy The Right Fan

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Technological advancements are the gears that keep the world turning. Exhaust fans, in particular, are necessary to keep the air we breathe as safe as possible. Be it a warehouse for general storage or a popular downtown restaurant, a proper air blower can mean the difference between ideal temperature and breathable air or constant allergens, poor temperature balance and reduced productivity. Commercial centrifugal fans are designed to last long and thoroughly circulate the air no matter the industry you work in. If you’ve considered looking into a new exhaust fan or a series of duct fans for your building or school, continue below to learn some tips about different kinds of fans and which ones you should buy.

What Are Commercial Centrifugal Fans?

Got a small business or spacious work environment? There’s a fan for that! Centrifugal fans, also known as blowers and cage fans, use rotating impellers and wheels to consistently move air and various gases. Due to their various designs and flexible sizes, they can be placed in a variety of different environments with little trouble. The design of a centrifugal fan is different than your average windowsill fan, as it redirects the filtered air away from its source rather than displacing it randomly. While some fans are notorious for being loud and distracting, other fans are designed explicitly to be both subtle and effective.

Who Uses Industrial Fans?

Buildings of all shapes and sizes need fans to regularly clean and filter the air that accumulates and settles within the walls, particularly if open windows aren’t an option. The most popular type of fan in hospital environments is the laminar, for example, used to keep air circulating at a whopping 300 times per hour. Computer server rooms need small and consistently running fans in order to maintain an ideal temperature for the equipment to run properly. Restaurant exhaust systems, due to the regular accumulation of food debris and oils, need to be cleaned frequently in order to stay functioning. While some restaurant systems need to be cleaned once every three months, that number can vary depending on demand.

Why Are Exhaust Fans Needed?

While trees are natural air filters, urbanized environments are under increasing pressure to advance air filtration due to the constant, and harmful, accumulation of chemicals and gases. Industrial fans, when properly installed and routinely maintained, can eliminate allergens, discourage mold, remove dust build-up and create a cleaner breathing environment for a wide variety of people. Children and people with breathing problems, allergies or lung disease are particularly susceptible to unclean air. Exhaust fans also maintain temperature, which is especially important in medical, educational and food industries. However, which fans are right for your business?

Buying Commercial Centrifugal Fans

Buying the right industrial fan means asking a few questions about the results you want to achieve. Are you looking for filtration, temperature regulation or both? For general ventilation systems that recirculate the air, filters need a minimum efficiency reporting value (also known as MERV) rating of 17 or higher. These are particularly useful if you’re unable to redirect air to outside spaces. The most efficient fan motors — known as the ‘electronically commutated’ — are used for walk-in freezers, saving businesses as much as $200 per fan. Last, but not least, buying the right bathroom fan requires you take the volume of your room and divide it by five. Bathrooms with tall ceilings might need additional support. With these simple tips in your back pocket, buy your commercial centrifugal fans and breathe easy in more ways than one.

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