Need Safety ID Bracelets? The Many Advantages of Plastic RFID Wristbands

Event wristbands

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, and this incredibly useful technology is improving safety and health all over the world, from hospital emergency rooms to underground dance parties. RFID tags are a wireless technology that transmit data, and they’re a popular form of security and identification. Unlike bar codes, which need to be visible to be read, RFID tags can work even when covered. If you’ve ever accidentally triggered an alarm at a store, it’s likely because you accidentally walked out the door with an item containing an active RFID tag.

And for anyone looking for safety and security solutions, printed plastic wrist bands with RFID tags provide a simple, reliable solution. RFID tags are already an extremely popular identification system the world over. Many people implant micro-chips containing RFID technology into their pets, that way if they ever go missing, they can be easily contacted. And now, many parents are increasingly using this technology to help their children stay safe.

No, we’re not suggesting anyone implant tracking chips under their children’s skin. But since 90% of families will lose one of their children in a public space at some point, printed plastic wrist bands with RFID tags can help those kids be found more easily. That’s why more and more parents are relying on some form of Safe ID, especially when visiting crowded places or on vacation.

Hospitals and health organizations rely on this technology, too. Printed plastic wrist bands are widely in use to help doctors and nurses identify patients with certain health conditions, like allergies. And color-coded printed plastic wrist bands that also have RFID tags provide even more security and public health advantages. Plus, for event organizers looking for a convenient and reliable security system, RFID wristbands for events are often their go-to choice.

Why are RFID readers so often used with printed plastic wrist bands in particular? It’s because plastic wrist bands are really durable compared to standard paper or Tyvek wristbands. Not only are they waterproof, but they’re also tear and tamper proof as well. Because they need to be cut off with scissors, it’s harder for gate crashers to swap them out under the table. And with RFID wristbands, forgers and gate crashers are completely out of luck.

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