Need Help Finding a Job or Recruiting Quality Talent?

Do you need help finding a job? Are you a manager or human resource professional that must recruit top, quality talent for a growing business? Then you are in the right place! Finding the right fit for your personal goals or company is extremely difficult, but staffing agencies might be the solution. Many companies view employee retention as a serious problem in the workplace, in fact one survey reported that 57% of organizations do. This staggering statistic is backed up by the fact that $11 billion is lost each year due to employee turnover within companies, resulting in an extra cost that ranges from 30% to 150% of the employee’s salary. This massive burden can only be reduced by finding the right employee for your workplace environment and job function. Luckily, staffing services can be of great help if you are in any need of job searching or talent acquisition. Read on to learn more about how these services could be applicable to you!

Benefits of Working with a Recruiting Agency and How They Can Help You Succeed

    1. Finding the right fit.

    Your career is inevitably a big part of your life. Most workers will spend five or more days in the office, racking up 40 or more hours throughout the week. Satisfaction at your job is therefore crucial to your overall happiness, as well as the company’s productiveness. Finding the right person to fill a vacancy at your company is vital to maintaining a positive workplace environment and imperative to your future happiness- you do have to work with this individual after all! Even if you just need help finding a job for yourself, you want to make sure you fit in with the company culture. Hiring agencies can help you find a person with the right hard and soft skills, meaning they will both be able to do the work assigned and they will get along with others. This is done a number of ways, one of which is looking through a prospective employee’s social media presence. Actually, 93% of recruiters do this to make sure you find the right person for your specific needs.

    2. Maintain a well-rounded population of employees.

    Each individual within a company brings in a unique set of skills, contributing to the quality of products and profit. Creating this diverse environment is known to boost productivity in the workplace. Recent research from McKinsey stated that gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers, while ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their peers. Keeping this fluidity in the hiring process is essential for growth. Rather than spending time combing through resumes and cover letters to find a one of a kind worker, let a recruiting agency do the heavy lifting to develop the best working environment for you or provide you, as an individual, with help finding a job.

    3. Leave time to develop new programming.

    We all know that happy workers are generally more productive workers, meaning your company benefits from increased output and, ultimately, total revenue. But how you can steadily increase the happiness of your workers when you are already overwhelmed with work? Well, you can check one thing off your to-do list- and that is hiring. Perhaps with this newfound free time you will be able to implement incentives to increase employee engagement. In reality, 46% of human resource professionals would cite employee retention as their greatest concern, but a whopping 36% would state employee engagement is their top priority. Planning days for employee recognition would be one interesting way to keep employees smiling, in fact 86% of companies that have implemented this type of program report an increase in worker happiness. Maybe you could even develop an employee on-boarding program. New hires that complete this type of structured orientation are 58% more likely to stay at the company after three years after all.

If you believe these benefits would help you find a job or grow your company, consider utilizing a hiring service the next time you need help finding a job or quality new employee.

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