Need a Boost in Your Business’s Sales? Experts Recommend Outdoor LED Business Signs

School marquee

In the course of establishing their businesses’ presence on social media and on the internet, some American business owners are finding that they are lacking a little oomph, that undefinable something that will attract more customers. Although social media advertisement can be extremely effective at attracting new business, local customers may not realize that your business is online. In the event of an outreach plateau, small business owners are starting to consider installing scrolling marquee signs or full color LED signs in front of their stores.

Studies do show that scrolling marquee signs can draw people in: about one in three consumers report that they “stumbled upon” their favorite restaurant due to their signage. If your business already has a sign, don’t worry: you could increase your foot traffic by more than 7.5% just by increasing the size of your sign’s font. A larger sign equals more customers: it really is that simple. Often, businesses focus so much on growing their online customer base that they forget to put the same attention into their local advertising and marketing goals. Your business may have customers all over the world, but how do you make a splash with local customers?

Although your business might have a substantial foothold online, you still want to take the time to advertise directly to local customers; signs can be a very effective method of local outreach. In the average “brick and mortar” store, more than 80% of that business’s customers live closer than five miles; taking the time to attract the locals could mean a large boost in sales. Take the time to consider what kind of message you want to convey to potential customers: sometimes a funny sign can drive business more than a serious one. We rely upon advertising to get us excited about new products and sometimes to give us that little chuckle on the way home from a long day at work.

Recent studies also indicate that digital signs for business sites can drive sales as much as newspaper ads or even more so. If your customers drive a set route every day to and from work, they will read your billboards or scrolling marquee signs 10 to 20 times every week. Make sure to include your phone number or website address, and make sure your sign is visible from at least 50 feet away. And make sure that your LED sign meets all local zoning laws before installing it; sign manufacturers can often help you make sure that you’re in line with local signage standards and practices.

If you decide to install scrolling marquee signs, make sure that the information is scrolling slowly enough to be read by passersby. Many a sale has been lost because of LED business signs that are going by much too quickly. Imagine that you are a customer trying to write down your business’s phone number at a stop light: can you do it? It’s worth asking friends to test your signs to see if they are legible. You may want to work with other local businesses to share a billboard or scrolling sign. Customers want to shop locally, and the key to success is to let your customers know that you can outperform online stores. Signs may be the first step in bringing in new business, but outstanding customer service will keep them coming back.

In addition to giving a boost to businesses of every size, electric business signs can boost participation at schools and churches. In many states across America, churches like to put small sayings for their congregants to read throughout the week. Charming Americana, but effective at drawing in new people. Scrolling LED signs can also help schools advertise pep rallies, fundraising events, and PTA meetings. In general, attractive signs help increase businesses’ visibility, and that visibility is essential for boosting sales, attracting new congregants, or ensuring the success of school fundraisers.

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