Natural Gas and Diesel Fuel Suppliers Often Deliver Their Products to Their Customers

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Everyone is talking about energy. From President Trump at the GSummit meeting overseas to the environmentalists in America who are championing for more environmental regulations. And while there is clearly a significant gap between the new President’s proposed policies and the goals of the scientists and environmentalists, no one can argue that energy is a hot topic. From the delivery of on road diesel supply to the commercial natural gas supply, the discussions about energy are heard everywhere from the family dinner table to a meeting with political leaders from around the world.
Any time that you get in your car, truck, or SUV you are participating in the nation’s seemingly uncontrollable use of fossil fuels and various other kinds of energy sources. And while most of us think about local gas stations when it comes to refueling our personal vehicles, this is not the case for many other industries. For instance, on road diesel supply provides fuel to vehicles that are far from a close source of needed fuel.
Although diesel technology is not the fuel source that many of us think about, this source of fuel is essential to many industries. From transportation of goods and services around the country to the equipment that is used for large road and construction projects, on road diesel supply providers are essential.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the the diesel and natural gas supply industry, as well as the smaller use of fuel services by private consumers:

  • One function of the diesel engine is to compress air to one out of 20 parts per volume, and then send a small amount of diesel fuel into the cylinder.
  • Natural gas suppliers deliver their products to a variety of settings, including farms, construction sites, and many other locations.

  • Today?s diesel engines can travel anywhere from 400 to 800 miles on a single tank of gas.
  • Having access to the fuel that you need is important if you want to make sure that you get where you need to go and complete the tasks that you are assigned. In some cases, instead of you going to the source of fuel you need to have the fuel come to you, which is the purpose of on road diesel supply companies.
  • Estimates indicate that 21% of global primary fuel consumed is natural gas, making it a potential for tremendous growth as part of the global energy mix.

  • Road travel is a major part of many
  • On road diesel supply services provide fuel to worksites and truckers across the country.
  • Average American homes consume 40% less natural gas than they did 40 years ago, but some home owners still rely on this resource.
  • Diesel technology continues to improve. In fact, emission controls are more effective and they are now available in smaller packages. This translates into engines that can be downsized from six cylinder to four in a number of vehicles.

  • A typical diesel engine is now estimated to have an averagea 45 MPG highway mileage rating. In fact, some are getting nearly 50 MPG in testing on the road. These milage numbers translate into less stops at the pump and less money spent on gas.
  • Getting the most miles per gallon is a combination of purchasing a diesel vehicle that is efficient and making sure that you service it correctly and buy the recommended kind of fuel.
  • A recent survey indicated that there are more than 11 million road vehicles worldwide running on natural gas as a fuel. The natural gas is used in a compressed or liquefied state to power cars, buses, trucks, and taxis.
  • Industries of all kinds are always looking for a way to make a profit. It is no wonder that the efficiency of the fuel is an essential part of many industries. Upgrading to more fuel efficient engines, for instance, can provide substantial savings help pay down the initial price of the engine upgrades.
  • Natural gas makes up almost 25% of all the primary energy used in the U.S., and as a result, is directly linked to both jobs and economic health. The natural gas industry, in fact, supports the employment of nearly 3 million Americans, including workers from all 50 states.

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