Moving On Out And Moving On Up! Here’s Your Best Guide For Moving

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Moving to a new area can be stressful!

Not only do you have to uproot your whole life, but you have to adapt to an entirely new location.

To make your move easier, make sure you write up a checklist for moving. When it comes to where you can get boxes for moving, you can go to your local grocery store and see what recyclable boxes they have available.

After you’ve packed away your boxes and hit everything on your moving checklist, then you can start researching how much for a moving quote.

A moving quote can vary based on what you’re moving, such as furniture moving, as well as how far you’re moving. Although it’d be nice to call on your friends and family to help you with a full service moving, more often than not, you’re better off acquiring a moving quote with professional movers.

Professional moving companies are a smart investment because they have experience in the moving process. Furniture and boxes can be extremely heavy and you run the risk of breaking your most precious items if you happen to drop something accidently.

People have a variety of reasons for moving, such as being accepted into a program or to live closer to loved ones. Based on data gathered for the Pew survey, by a 44% plurality, the most popular reason for moving had to do with a new business venture. In the same survey, about 43.9% of people said they would most likely move to a new location if their job location happened to change.

For those movers looking to purchase a new home and settle down, it seems that about 24% of recent home buyers chose to buy because they wanted to own a home, 9% bought a home because of work relocation, and 8% bought a home because their family and living situation changed or because they wanted to move into a better location.

Nonetheless, while about 40% of the people in the U.S. still remain in the location they were born, the rest of America travels and move around quite a bit!

As far as moving tips, a big deciding factor to consider is what kind of area you’re moving into. If you care for the city, you should look into public transportation and which are the safest sections to reside. For cities, during the years of 2005 to 2010, about 15.4 million Americans left major cities, while 11 million were coming in.

If you’d rather the suburbs, compare the differences between gated communities and open residential spots, as well as what kind of home owner association deals best suit your lifestyle. For suburbs, during the years of 2005 to 2010, 17.9 million people moved in, while 9.2 million left their respective communities, which is an increase of about 8.8 million.

Some people move into new areas for their loved ones, but most movers have five or less extended-family members living about an hour away, while 26% of movers have none.

Regardless of your reasons for moving, if you want to help alleviate some of the pressure, do your research, negotiate a fair moving quote, and get going on your new life.

Little by little, do what you must to find your own home-sweet-home!

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