More Americans Are Working After Retirement Age How Remote Work Is Filling In The Gap In 2019

Not everyone has the time to juggle family obligations, schooling, and work.

In fact…very few do. Today’s working American is more haggard than they’ve ever been, burning out at younger ages and struggling to find a decent work-life balance. Remote work — sometimes referred to as telecommuting — may just have the answer. Designed to let you work from the comfort of your own home, remote work is fast becoming the preferred work environment for millions of Americans. In just a decade it could even displace the traditional office job for good.

What does this mean for you? Read below to learn about flexible careers for moms, students, and couples.

Customer Service Is A More In-Demand Skill Than Ever

Any and all skills in customer service can be applied to remote work. Companies today are constantly making sure they’re providing the best experience to their buyers. Anything less can cost them their reputation and their bottom line. A recent study revealed up to 80% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or stopped making an intended purchase because of a poor customer experience. On the other hand, up to 85% of customers will pay more for a better experience.

Remote Work Means Less Driving And Less Wasted Time

It’s expensive driving back and forth from work. When you add taking care of children or going to school to the list? It can outright decimate your monthly budget. Becoming an in home agent will cut into those costs while still helping you make money — a recent study by Forbes revealed half the American workforce will be telecommuting over the next decade. Remote work is comfortable, flexible, and can compliment several different skillsets.

You Can Enjoy Flexible Work From Home Or At The Coffee Shop

The freedom to work anywhere is hard to beat. You can work in your pajamas in the comfort of your home or spend a few hours typing up articles in a coffee shop. The function of telecommuting, at its core, is to help you live your life. According to recent estimates, up to 65% of Americans are going to be working after retirement age — it’s unreasonable to ask older Americans to continue with long hours, constant driving, and physical labor. This reduced stress bodes well for older individuals, tired students, and overworked moms alike.

Improved Customer Service Means More Money For You

There are several opportunities for growth as an in home agent. You can provide businesses with the loyal customer base they need to succeed. Likewise, you’ll find a comfortable niche reaching out to consumer bases and helping them solve their problems. Businesses that grow their customer retention rates by a mere 5% can see profit increases ranging from 25% to even 95%. Customer service jobs include dispatcher positions, stay at home call center representative jobs, and telemarketing jobs.

Getting Started Is As Simple As Setting Up Your Home Office

Are you considering become an in home agent for an insurance company or advertising firm? You need to set up a home office that will help you achieve the best quality work. This means a stable Internet connection and a computer or laptop. You can write off the home office on your taxes (which may or may not be filed quarterly depending on how much you owe). Remote work is, by design, meant to be a simple and convenient alternative to traditional employment.

Flexible careers for mothers, students, and older Americans exist. Become an in home agent or freelance writer in the comfort of your own home.