Mistakes to Avoid When Lifting Your Truck – The Buy Me Blog

Lift kits give the car greater ground clearance. These are ideal for when it is necessary to navigate off-road through rocks, mud, and snow. This video outlines the most common mistakes to make when purchasing trucks with lifts, specifically for those who are first using a kit.
1. Prices

Be sure to not make your final decision upon price alone. Cheaper models may not provide the various parts required to correct certain things like the angles of the CV axles. The most costly lift kits are not always necessary.

2. Maintenance

Check that the other parts, including the CVA the axles as well as bushings as as bearings, ball joints, and ball joints are in good condition. Even if you have the latest suspension kit, having worn parts isn’t going to fix anything.

3. Rake

A leveling kit can alter the appearance of the truck as well as how it operates the rake. A rake is a vehicle with a rear that is more than the front. Finding the correct size of kit is, therefore, essential.

Find a good quality alignment tool, ensure that you adjust the alignment after having completed the installation.


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