Memorial Keepsakes Can Help you Stay Connected to Your Loved Ones

Animal urns for ashes

As sisters, they never fought about who sat in the front passenger seat. It was a given, if the older sister was in the car she was always able to ride next to the driver; the younger sister sat in the back. If the older sister wasn’t in the car, then it was the younger sister’s turn to ride up front, next to the driver. They never got in the annoying habit of having to “call shotgun” whenever the family climbed in the car. Now as an older adult–much older–you remember those car rides and an empty passenger seat next to you as you drive is a lonely reminder of the loss of your younger sister. You would give anything, even the front seat privilege, if it meant that you could have a few more car rides with her. Out of habit, you reach toward your neck and recenter the ceramic pendant hanging from the gold chain.

Historians say that ceramic art was first discovered as early as 26,000 B.C. Even its original state it was already used for ceremonial purposes. Later, ceramic creations were used as vessels for carrying water. Recently, ceramic vessels, some of the smallest ever made, can help you remember your loved one.

Four hundred cubic inches is the industry standard size for companion urns. Cremation jewelry, obviously much smaller and designed to hold a tiny portion of cremated remains, is usually less than ¼ cubic inch. Whether you are looking for a way to remember your own loss, or are looking for unique sympathy gifts to help help a grieving family remember their loved one, an ash keepsake makes the best sympathy gifts. Options include a cremation bracelet, cremation necklaces, and a longer option, the cremation pendant.

If you find yourself in the process of looking for affordable creation urns, remember to consider an ash keepsake as well. No piece of jewelry or other memorial vessel can replace a missing loved one, but considering ash cremation jewelry while you are looking for a burial urn, might help you through the grieving process. Having a daily, tangible way to stay connected with you loved one can be a comfort.


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