Mark Zuckerberg Teaches Invaluable Lessons About Internet Marketing

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Facebook is making headlines again. This time, the social media giant purchased another small company, a Finnish business named ProtoGeo Oy. ProtoGeo Oy is responsible for developing and launching fitness-tracking mobile application, Moves. Why Moves, and why are SEO companies and internet marketing companies paying close attention to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg?

What Does Facebook Gain From Purchasing Moves?

Moves automatically tracks users daily and weekly miles ran, jogged, and/or walked. It does not stop there. “Users can also manually enter data, and Moves says it supports more than 60 predefined activity types,” Apple Insider explains. The app is relatively popular, with more than 4 million downloads since its launch in 2013. Facebook’s purchase comes in light of an increasing demand for fitness technology. Apple and Google are also working to release standard and wearable fitness technologies. BBC News, however, suggests that Facebook is not necessarily trying to directly profit from Moves. (In fact, the app will remain.) Instead, sources believe that Facebook will use the app to better understand consumers — and then, in turn, use that knowledge to create more relevant ads on Facebook.

What SEO Marketing Companies Need to Take Away From It

Surprisingly, there is a lot for internet and SEO marketing companies to learn from Zuckerberg’s recent actions. It is no coincidence that Zuckerberg purchased Moves immediately after purchasing Oculus and messaging service WhatsApp. It is becoming increasingly clear that Zuckerberg is expanding his reach, ensuring that he — and his companies — stay relevant even if Facebook is not always quite as profitable. Similarly, internet marketing companies can strengthen SEO services by diversifying tactics or strategies. Combine SEO with PPC campaigns, content marketing, email advertisements, and retargeted ads.

What is the key to successful SEO marketing? Zuckerberg implies that it is diversification, or varying strategies to guarantee success at every step along the way. Read more like this.

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