Make Snail Mail Work for You with These 6 Tips

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Given the amount of time that most people spend online, it is understandable that many consumers do not the value in direct mail campaigns. At the end of the day, however, they still make sense for businesses because they still work. It has been estimated that while people will delete spam without ever looking at it, they will take what they get from print and mail services. Not only do these items make it into most homes but they are read once in there. If you are looking to work with a print and mail services firm, there are some things you can do to have a better experience.

  1. Buy a list. Many organizations and businesses do not see how valuable it can be to buy a list but it really is. Making organic lists takes a lot more time than most people realize. They worry that their mail will end up to be viewed no differently than the annoying spam that fills so many in boxes these days. When you partner with a good marketing firm, you can get a very targeted list that will appeal to more of your customers and clients to be. This is a cost effective way to make sure you are reaching the right people with your direct mail pieces.
  2. Make it look great. There in an adage that, “you only have one chance to make a first impression.” It does not matter how great your business is, how wonderful your sale is or anything else if your direct mail pieces do not look good. You can save money by going to a company that handles all aspect of the designing, printing and mailing of your pieces so you really should go with a professional company. If you do it all yourself, you stand a better chance of sending out something that gets sent directly to the circular file once it gets into your home. Do yourself a favor and hire professionals to design your pieces.
  3. Do not scrimp on the printing. A great design can look terrible if the print job is not up to snuff. Before you hire a print and mail services company, get some samples so you know what the finished product will look like when it arrives at your could be customers’ and clients’ homes. Most companies you talk to about designing and printing your mail will be able to give you you a sample to help you decide which company is the the right one for you and your campaign.
  4. Get the best copy. That means, you near clear, concise and short text on your mailings. You do not need to recreate “War and Peace” or give people in your area the play by play of how your company came into being. Invest in some quality writing before you have your direct mail pieces put together and sent out. It is important to remember that most people who will read your mail are not going to spend hours doing so.
  5. Proofread everything. While you may be hiring a company to handle the printing and the mailing of your ads, you need to make sure the copy is typo-free. If you look around, you will see typos almost everywhere you look in professional ads. They make your business look amateurish. Even if you are going with a professional firm to handle all of your copy, you should run one set of eyes, or more, over the proofs before you send them out. There may be names or terms that are spelled in a way that is not known by the world but that you need to get right.
  6. Do not go it alone with the mailing. When you work with a professional print and mail services company to do your direct mail, you will get a better rate on the delivery itself. They can also do it without the hassle you will have to go through. You may be able to get a bulk rate but will spend more time and effort having your own staff take care of than if you leave it to the professionals.

Follow these tips for a better experience with direct mail campaigns.


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