Low Prices and First-Rate Customer Service

Definition of great customer service

According to Customer Service Matters, 4,600 Americans were asked “What is customer care, and how they choose the businesses from which they make their purchases?” The aim of the service was to obtain a reliable perspective of the role customer service plays in the purchasing of goods and services across all major industries. Among those were ISPs, cable companies, cell phone providers, airlines, banks, investment firms, hotels, insurance, and retail.

Depending upon the industry, the perceived importance of customer service varied. For example, nearly 90 percent of survey respondents demanded the highest level of customer service from banks and insurance companies. The industries in which customers valued low prices the most were the airline, credit card, and retail industries. Still, over 75 percent of respondents still considered customer service more important than price in those industries, as well.

Based upon the above survey, the majority of Americans tend to choose companies that focus on providing great customer service. Since retail is one industry where consumer purchases are most heavily influenced by price, retailers that offer the best customer service will usually attract the most customers.

This is because retailers, such as popular furniture stores, will usually price identical brands and products similarly. Given that most customers will choose stores that know how to deliver great customer service over those that simply offer low prices, it is the level of customer service that often makes the difference.

When furniture and appliance shoppers join a Direct buy club, they can get the best of both worlds. Not only will they find the lowest prices on all the leading brands of furniture and appliances, but they will always receive first rate customer services. By surpassing unnecessary “middlemen” a Direct Buy discount club can deliver the most affordable prices on the highest quality furnishings.

So what is customer care? Customer care is providing the ideal combination of customer service and affordable prices. There are a lot of affordable furniture stores out there, but it takes top notch customer service to keep customers coming back.

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