Local Business Owner Proposes Sign Solutions to Sunrise Beach’s Location Problem

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Business signs are one of the main sign solutions of business owners for advertising drawing in customers, but one local entrepreneur wants to use the same principle to make more people aware of their town in general. Sunrise Beach is a small village in the state of Missouri. If you’ve never heard of it before, don’t feel bad because neither do half the people that live near there apparently.

?No one knows where Sunrise Beach is,? said Debbie Williams, a Sunrise Beach business owner, at the Monday, Dec. 14 board of trustees meeting. ?Even people who live at the lake don?t know where we are.?

Business signage importance has been well-documented. It helps businesses stand out and get noticed. In fact, 35% of people wouldn?t know your business was at its location without a sign displayed and 50% of new customers say they were attracted to a business by an on-premise sign.

So when Williams proposed her idea of sign solutions to the villages location problem, it was pretty easy for board and community members to get behind. The board approved the action of looking at the 2016 budget to see if it will be possible to purchase two eight ft. x 12 ft., ?Welcome to Sunrise Beach? signs. The estimated cost is $5,800 each.

Helping Williams with the idea was Charlie Myrick, an artist who’s done work for many local businesses. After hearing the idea the board proposed that Myrick be the one who should be tasked with coming up with a unique, hand-painted, ?one-of-a-kind art creation.?

?Hand painted signs have much more depth than vinyl,? Myrick commented. They also will be sealed, which would allow them to last up to 15 years pretty easily.

According to one study, 50% of new customers say they were attracted to a business by an on-premise sign. Sunrise Beach is hoping these kind of sign solutions will attract more people to their humble village.

Williams and Myrick also brought up the idea of custom banners that could be bought by business owners themselves to display their hometown pride. The official decision probably won’t come down until 2016.

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