Lighten Up With Some Colorful and Moving Lights For Your Business Signs!

Outdoor led display

One thing is for sure: you want your business to stand out from the crowd. One great way to attract customers is using flashy or unique signs or advertising to grab customer attention. There are plenty of commercial business signs that are perfectly average that work just fine, but if you want to be really ahead of the herd, you want to think outside the box. Full color LED signs, electronic signs for business spaces, or marquee signs for businesses are all fun and interesting ways to make your business really noticed. This is of course, especially effective if you live in an area that has plainer signs — in a place like Times Square, for example, unless you have a truly spectacular sign, it would be all too easy to get lost in the rest of the flashing and blinking electronic displays. So how can something like marquee signs for businesses really help you?
Why Even Have Outdoor Business Signs?
Signs really do work! Even if people grumble about billboards or other signs that are prominently on display, like it or not, people are taking notice and reading the content on the signs themselves. Over 70% of people will look at what roadside billboards are advertising (both print and digital billboards combined). A little under 40% of people will look at an outdoor ad whenever they go by it (which means if your ad is in a highly trafficked area, your sign is getting looked at a lot!). Moreover, if your business is in a smaller community, around 85% of your business comes from around a five mile radius — the more outdoor advertising you have, the more forefront in people’s minds you probably are.
Other than doing in the initial work of attracting customers, a sign can also let people know who you are and what you’re selling. Around 35% of people wouldn’t have even noticed a business if it hadn’t had a sign. Although it can be fun and mysterious to enter an unmarked store, the majority of people far prefer to know what they’re getting into. Indeed, around 60% of all consumers said that a business not having a sign keeps them from being curious or going into it in the first place.
Why Are Marquee Signs for Businesses or Other Electronic Signs A Good Business Tool?
Using marquee signs for businesses or electronic business signs can help add a layer of color, movement, and excitement to an ad. A marquee sign can help a business have an old world, classy and elegant feel to it, while an electronic sign may have a more modern and playful streak to it. It can help gets the attention of passerby — almost three-quarters of customers said they’d mentioned a store to someone because of its signage. And almost 70% of consumers judge a business’s quality and services by the type of sign they have.
Outstanding signs can help with revenue as well, especially in poorer countries. Almost 70% of consumers bought a service or good because of a sign enticing them in. Changing or adding an existing sign (so say, for example, you install marquee lights as a sign instead of a regular plastic sign) –that could majorly improve your sales revenue!
Where Could I Look Into Getting a Marquee Sign?
You can get custom designed signs from many online retailers or vendors. Additionally, some craft stores, shops that specialize in outdoor signs, or physical stores may carry marquee letters. A designer may be able to help you create special letters or logos for a big opening or remodeling as well. In some cases, if you have a small business and are particularly crafty, you may even be able to make a marquee letter by yourself! You’ll want to have dimensions and a vision in mind before going ahead and purchasing a marquee sign, to ensure that it’s the perfect fit for you!
You want to give your business the edge it deserves with a sparkling sign! Look into unique electronic signs for your business today that can really add some color and pizzazz!

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