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Restaurants interior design

Bar and restaurant design is getting increasingly creative. Tokyo’s Vampire Cafe takes innovation to the extreme. “With blood-colored floors and baroque music playing in the background, this theme restaurant serves vampire-named dishes that are said to be a mix of Italian, French and Japanese cuisine. The atmosphere is dark and filled with crucifixes, candelabra and Dracula’s coffin; when you need assistance you can ring a bell for more service,” Woman’s Day reports.

Cool interior design ideas, however, can be compelling, fresh, and considerably less drastic. Architectural Digest puts it nicely: “Dining out is rarely just about the food. The scene, the socializing, and the sense of a special event are equally important. When done right, a restaurant’s design enhances all of these elements. A simple meal seems that much more appetizing when paired with appealing furniture, luxurious finishes, and alluring lighting.” What are some of the hottest restaurant interior design ideas of 2014?

Striking Lighting and Color Schemes

London’s Dans le Noir? immerses diners in complete darkness. The idea, restaurant designers say, is to force patrons to experience meals in new and exciting ways — more specifically, through taste, smell, sound, and touch. Designers can create a unique and engaging experience without turning off all lights, however. Soft lighting is especially popular. Soft or dimmed lighting creates a relaxed atmosphere and a more satisfactory dining experience, a Cornell study finds.

Moreover, the best restaurant and bar designs carefully consider all elements. For example, dimmed lighting looks best with rich reds, coffee-colored, or black walls. Designers can top off the look with gold accents and details and/or dark wood furnishings. If restaurants have unique views or a lot of natural lighting, owners may want to consider a much brighter — and much more modern — scheme. Stark, all-white interiors with bright blue accents are especially popular right now.

Cool interior design ideas carefully consider lighting and colors. Make your restaurant stand out with eye-catching, bold colors and complementary lighting. Check out this website for more.

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