IT Carbon Emission Measurement and Reduction – Work Flow Management

The lifestyles they choose to live lead to 2 tonnes of CO2 each year. This is why they prefer public transportation, or driving cars and not flying for work.

Cloud computing could provide a fantastic method to cut carbon emissions. With cloud computing, data centers no longer controlled by a single company or organisation; rather they’re shared between multiple organizations. So, when you use your credit card to purchase something on the internet like, say, you can have it saved in the cloud, and is accessible to other users when they need to, regardless of whether they’re in their the home office or in another country. The cloud helps companies cut costs low while also decreasing their carbon footprint as fewer servers are required to be purchased and maintained in-house.

There are a variety of options available for minimizing the impact of IT on the environment. Most crucial is to monitor the consumption of resources and begin reducing it by doing things like turning off unused services or creating virtual machines that have less priority settings for the use of memory and CPU.


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