Is Traveling on a Freight Ship for You?

Dry docking repairs

Traveling on the high seas is very popular. Cruises are now a big part of the tourism industry. In 2011 at least 19 million people set sail on a cruise. The cruise industry accounted for nearly $30 million in sales. Since 2001, people taking cruises has steadily increased with eight or nine cruise ships being built every year to cater to new North American and European passengers. The difference between ocean liners and cruise ships has diminished as more ships are needed to cater to tourists. Some ships that were once considered to be a vessel for a non-singles cruise, have been transformed. Often the main difference is the amenities offered on a cruise ship differ from other kinds of ships.

Many people are now choosing sea travel on a different kind of ship such as a cargo ship or a vessel for a non-singles cruise. If shuffle board, all you can eat buffets and large number of people eating in unison is not what you are looking for in sea travel, you might enjoy traveling on a freight liner. If you need a swimming pool or rock climbing wall, you will be out of luck as they are not typical parts of a vessel cargo ship. Nor are movie theories and other amenities which are not cargo vessel parts and equipment but they are considered to be cruise vessel parts and equipment.

Cargo ships are called that because they make the majority of their money hauling cargo. They do often have a small amount of space for traveler. Unless they have a physician on board, they can bring no more and a dozen travelers on board. It is a violation of international law for them to take more people on without a doctor.

People like traveling this way if they are more interested in being at sea by themselves rather than with hoards of tourists. Travelers on freight ships get to know their fellow passengers and also the crew. Most meals are eaten with the crew so the passengers get a very “behind the scenes” view of what their life is like. This can be very appealing to people who are interested in that sort of thing. If you really want to know what life at sea is like, this is one way to experience it.

If you want to see the world and not just get the tourists’ version, this may be for you. Most of the time when the vessel for a non-singles cruise stops at a port, you can get out and explore the city. Because this is a working freight ship, you will not be stopping at the tourist section but at a working dock. That means you will not see tons of souvenir shops as your disembark nor will taxis be waiting for your arrival. It is important that you make whatever arrangements you can in advance so that you can get to whatever parts of the town you want to see. Another benefit to this kind of travel is that you are deposited at a place where the locals probably hang out.

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