Is The Documentation In Your Office Being Shredded Correctly?

The business of protecting information is an important one. If you have documentation in your office with classified information regarding clients and other individuals than a high security paper shredder is exactly what you should be using within your office in order to secure that private information is kept completely private. If your office is one of those that deals with important information that should not be getting out to the general public, than assuring all of your clients that their information is kept private should be one of the most important things that your business takes control of.

Why Is A High Security Paper Shredder Important?

Identity fraud is a growing problem. In 2017 about 16.7 million adults were victims to having their information stolen. That’s 16.7 million adults who have had to deal with the repercussions of their information not being properly destroyed, if those documents had been used in accordance with an industrial shredder machine than those people wouldn’t have had the legal and financial problems that they are currently dealing with.

Not Only Your Clients

Your clients are not the only ones who could find themselves in trouble in the event that a security breach were to happen due to an industrial office shredder not being used within your office. Your whole business could find trouble if there is information that gets out that is not meant to. For the safety of your business, a high security paper shredder is an important items that needs to be used for everything within your office. In order to keep all of your private information private being sure that your items are in fact gone can help you.

Risking Client Loss

Considering that it is about 30% of companies that do not shred documents with important client information on them, many of these companies find themselves with security breaches. 40% of consumers have stated that they refuse to do business with a company that has had a security breach because they know that their information is not being protected. Secure paper shredding can prevent your business from being one of those companies that lose their clients due to a lack of trust and security.

If you and your business deal with private information that should be kept private than a high capacity paper shredder should be a regular in your office to put to rest the worry that their important information is going to find a way out to the general public. If your company is entrusted with those things that shouldn’t be shared than do your part in assuring your business and your customers that that information that they have provided you with is kept entirely for yourself.

In a world were so many security breaches happen every year, protect your company from being the reason that this happens to someone else. Do your part to assure that your important information is shredded and that your company is one of the good ones out there who puts in effort when it comes to taking care of their clients privacy.

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