Is Heavy Equipment Hauling the Right Career For You?

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After completing college, Susan knew that a traditional office job would never satisfy her. She had dabbled in both engineering and business, and wanted to find something that would combine her skill sets and also allow her to spend most of her time traveling and exploring the world. When she saw an opening for heavy equipment hauling, she felt she may have found exactly what she needed. Before applying, she set out to learn everything she could about the field in order to make sure she had a great shot of landing a heavy equipment hauling position.

First, she learned that heavy haul trucking would almost certainly allow her to do the kind of traveling she longed for. Long haul trucks can easily log 8,000 miles in a month, meaning Susan would have plenty of time on the open road. She also did not realize that trucks were still responsible for moving around 70% of the freight that is transported around the United States. Clearly it was an industry that had an important role in the overall economy and would likely offer her some job security. Heavy hauling trucking companies and other trucking companies employ more than 1.7 million people. Susan liked the idea of working for an industry with such a strong presence and history.

Susan knew that the part of her interested in engineering would much prefer to be involved in the transport of big machines instead of groceries or animals. Heavy equipment hauling involves moving large pieces of machinery long distances and would allow her be up close and personal with some engineering masterpieces. Heavy haul service would give Susan the opportunity to be an important part of the intersection of engineering and business, while also giving her the freedom to see the country.

Susan also realized she needed to learn more about tractor trailer trucks themselves. Heavy haul companies often used trucks with 18 wheels. These trucks use 5 axles and are between 70 and 80 feet long. Susan had never driven anything larger than her truck, but she also had a wonderful driving record and felt confident that a few months in driving school would have her navigating all of those wheels like a pro.

While heavy haul transportation was never a part of the original plan for Susan, being in college and learning about engineering and business taught her that a more traditional career path would never satisfy her. The adventure inherent in hauling huge pieces of complex equipment around the country, the opportunity to drive and operate some of human kind’s engineering masterpieces, and the ability to avoid setting down roots while she explored the country helped her decide this was the best possible position for her. After contacting some local trucking companies to find out what kinds of certifications she would need, she set out on her path to fulfill her dream of heavy equipment hauling.

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