Is a Pay Per Click Campaign Right for Your Business?

Pay per click internet advertising

Did you know that there are more than 131 billion searches on the web each month? Since 1997 the web emerged as a growing commercial opportunity, and ever since then companies have been searching for the best techniques and strategies for increasing their traffic, analyzing internet advertising statistics, and employing internet advertising companies to drive progress.

Many businesses have found that online advertising and pay per click websites are an effective means of generating that traffic. Studies of internet user behavior have shown that routinely the first three search engine listings receive 60% of all click-throughs. In order to stay competitive, about 66% of businesses are either sustaining or putting more money into their efforts to gain higher search engine rankings.

Pay per click websites offer one solution. While they can increase traffic to your website, they do so by placing paid ads near the top and the right side of search engine results when your particular keyword is searched. These are often called sponsored links, or sponsored ads, and can also appear on sites with similar or relevant content to your defined keywords.

The advantage of purchasing ad space with pay per click websites is that you can generate traffic very quickly, in as short of a time as it takes you to open your Google Ad Words account. On the other hand, organic SEO takes considerably more time. The internet advertising cost for PPC ads costs only as much as you have bid on, and is multiplied by how many times your pay per click campaign gets click-throughs.

For example, you may place a bid of $.20 for your defined keyword. When that keyword is searched, your advertisement will show up. If your advertisement gets clicked five times, you will pay $1.00, and son on, paying $.20 for every click. However, if someone bid $.50 for the same keyword, their ad may show up before your advertisement does.

Pay per click websites are just one part of the solution to internet marketing and advertising, but can be used to great effect. About 30% of internet users prefer to click on paid and sponsored advertisements, so in combination with some organic SEO techniques, you can cultivate a well-rounded internet marketing campaign.

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