Installing a New Roof? Keep these Material Tips in Mind

Seal metal roof seams

You have decided that it is time for a new roof. Now what? Making all of the necessary roofing decisions can be overwhelming, as you want to ensure that you pick the best and safest roof for your house. If you are planning to purchase a new roof in the next couple of months, you will want to follow these steps.

When do you want to start roof construction?

While most roof installations today are quick and can be completed over a weekend, you still want to choose a time that is convenient for you. Try to avoid winter months or unpredictable weather months. Without the roof, it can be difficult to control the inside temperature of your house. If you live in an area with very hot of summers, you might choose a weekend during the spring or fall months. Your local roofing contractors can provide you with scheduling consultation.

Choose local roofing contractors

At some point, you will also want to choose your local roofing contractors. It is possible that there are numerous roofing contractors to choose from in your city. Giving yourself enough time to prepare for a new roof installation also gives you sufficient time to consult with numerous roofing contractors. You can also ask around, finding out which roofing contractors your neighbors and family members have used recently. A good roofing company is one that can work with your schedule and that can provide you with valuable insight into the best types of roofs.

Consider your different material options

Today, there are many different roofing materials available. This is an important decision, as this will be your roof for many years. When considering roof materials, you want to think about cost, durability, and expected life expectancy. For example, a metal roof will last about three to seven times longer than a typical asphalt shingles roof. Some homeowners also find it important to consider looks, as a roof can dramatically change the look of your house.

Think about the build technique

There are also different ways to install a new roof. Depending on the current condition of your existing roof, your roofing contractors might choose to build on top of it. However, if the existing roof has had a lot of roof repairs or roof leaks, it might be best to just remove it and start over. The shape of your house will also be considered when deciding the build technique. For example, flat roofs are not totally flat. A well engineered roof is sloped just slightly for proper drainage. A typical slope for a flat roof is about 0.25 inches of rise for every 12 inches of distance. However, roofing contractors cannot change the slope of your roof and must work with what is present.

The cost of the entire roof installation

Considering that most homeowners are on some type of budget when installing a new roof, you will also want to factor cost into every roofing decision. Compare the cost to durability, as a more expensive roof might be a better choice if it is expected to last longer. Also, choosing materials that are less aesthetic or recycled might reduce the costs a little. New metal roofs may contain anywhere from 30 to 60% of recycled metal content and are 100% recyclable at the end of their service lives. You can further reduce costs by using parts of your old roof in the installation of the new one.

Installing a brand new roof is a big deal. This is one of the most expensive renovations that you will make on your house, so a good deal of thought and research should go into the decision. Working closely with your roofing contractors will help you choose a roof material and build style that fits your house?s needs.


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