Increasing Customer Satisfaction for Restaurant Owners

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The restaurant business is a complex industry. Some restaurant chains tend to do very well, despite minimal marketing efforts. Others, even with the best advertising and menu selections, become quickly obsolete. It can be difficult to attract customers to a new restaurant. Additionally, most restaurants only have one single chance to gain a customer?s loyalty. That loyalty can also be lost in as little as one visit. Restaurant customers expect great customer service, affordable food items, and easy accessibility, among other things.

Great awareness Most restaurant customers are hesitant to try no name, smaller food places. They may worry about food quality and safe kitchen handling practices. However, a small business can succeed if they increase their restaurant?s awareness. Customers are more likely to try a new food place if they have seen it advertised, have seen printed coupons and discounts, and have heard others talk about how great it is. Get awareness out to attract these new customers to your business.

Provide outstanding service Outstanding service is key. Customers can go anywhere for acceptable service. However, acceptable service does not guarantee that they return. A restaurant customer is unique, in that they want to feel appreciated. They want to feel like their business is needed, and in many cases with new restaurants, it is needed.

Outstanding service encompasses a variety of things. Customer service is probably the most important factor here. Provide your customers with short wait times, great prices, and high quality food. Listen to their feedback. If they have a problem with their experience, either food or service, empathize and correct their problem, immediately. Do not let them leave unhappy.

Always be available Nothing is more frustrating to a customer as when a business does not answer their phone, especially during business hours. If the customer had planned to place a carry out order, request business hours, or attempt to make a reservation, they are likely to go with a different business who has answered their phone. U.S. brands are losing approximately $41 billion each year due to poor customer service.

Sometimes businesses, especially restaurants get busy. If you are so extremely busy or do not have enough staff to answer the phone quickly, consider the services of an after hours call service. The idea of on call after hours answering services in the restaurant industry are somewhat new, but it has shown to be very successful and to increase customer?s satisfaction. Customers enjoy always reaching a live person with a specialty answering service.

Encourage great customer service on the phone Many restaurant employees do not see answering the phone as part of their job requirements. However, 79% of consumers prefer to interact with companies by phone compared to other options. If you are unable to get your staff to properly answer the phone, an after hours answering service can give your customers the time and assistance they need in placing their carryout orders.

It is also important to previously plan out how you will greet your customers over the phone. Heavily scripted calls may not be the best approach, they can eliminate two elements essential to the customer service experience, empathy and emotion. One of the added benefits of an on call after hours answering services company is that they are specifically trained in handling customer calls. On call after hours answering services ensure that your customers are treated with both empathy and compassion.

Reduce business errors Even when customers receive the best possible service, they are less likely to return if there are many errors. Carry out orders are one of the biggest mistakes platforms in a restaurant business. A telephone answering services or office answering service company can reduce error, because they are less rushed and have more time to take correct orders.

Restaurants that pay attention to great customer service and provide their customers with great food at great prices tend to be successful. However, many restaurant businesses fail when it comes to great service. An on call after hours answering services company can ensure that your customers are always able to reach a live person, and that they are treated professionally and quickly.

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