Important Information You Need to Know About Leasing Commercial Propety

Tampa warehouse for rent

The U.S. commercial storage and warehouse leasing industry is not only doing well, but it’s thriving. Estimated at being worth a stagger $26 million, it goes without saying the warehousing and distribution industry is experiencing quite a high, making now the perfect time to explore the benefits of leasing commercial property and commercial warehousing as a business owner.

Did you know that in 2014, U.S. markets absorbed a grand total of a whopping 70.2 million square feet of office space? This marked the highest demand since 2006, which was just before the Great Recession dealt a crushing blow the American economy. However, despite the Recession, the amount of occupied distribution and warehouse space has increased by an impressive 86.2%. In fact, it’s estimated that retailers both online and offline will need a combined 25 million square meters in additional space over the course of the next five years in order to store and handle the merchandise they sell.

As such, if you’re a small business who operates an online boutique or business, now is the time to explore leasing office space, leasing retail space, commercial warehousing, or all three! Establishing a physical, brick-and-mortar, location allows you to support your online efforts while also allowing you to better serve your customers.

Similar to apartment hunting, finding the right commercial property for your company’s needs requires you to develop a working relationship with a landlord or professional property management company. They will serve as your point of contact throughout the duration of your commercial lease.

However, finding the right landlord — as well as the right property — can be difficult, especially since you are making such an important financial decision. However, there are several resources available, such as the Better Business Bureau or your local chamber of commerce, that may be able to help you gain further insight into your potential landlord’s background.

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