Hue, Brightness, Texture Useful Terms To Know When Buying Wholesale Paper For Your Business

The digital age might have reduced the need for paper, but it hasn’t eliminated it outright.

Paper remains a significant part of our everyday life. Just think about how often you handle magazines, pull out an envelope, or jot down notes in your daily planner. Wholesale paper, in particular, is an entirely different matter for businesses that want to save money and clean up the environment. Not only do they need enough paper to protect against a mass reprint, they need a good enough quality to adverise an entirely different way. Yes, even the feel and look of paper can speak for you!

Shimmer cardstock and glossy poster paper are still in high demand and for good reason. Here are some terms you should know about.

Gloss And Matte

Should your paper give off a pretty sheen or should it have a softer appearance? These are some of the more common terms you’ll be encountering as you sift through your wholesale paper options. Glossy paper can really bring out the colors in a lovely print, though the downside is potentially creating a glare against the sun. It’s recommended you save the glossier paper for greeting cards, prints for the home, and small signs. Larger posters do best with a straightforward matte that emphasize design over make.

Cardstock And Copy

Another factor you’ll be looking out for is how thick and sturdy your paper is. There’s no good and bad when it comes to paper, of course, but better and worse. Wholesale cardstock paper is smooth and strong, able to hold up to repeated handling without so much as a dent. Copy paper is thinner and used for more general purpose, like applications and pages, and should be used for areas other than marketing. Envelopes in bulk can be used with either variety.

Brightness And Hue

There are ways of measuring the brightness of paper without taking it out. The grading scale is technically on a level of 0 to 100, though you’ll find 92 to 98 on most wholesale paper bulk covers. The higher the number, the more the paper reflects light and catches the eye. The lower the number the duller the page, which has its time and place depending on the intended purpose. Hue is another factor you may take into account if you need to use several colors to complete your set. You can choose from neutral, warm, and cool colors.

Texture And Finish

While you might not run into this factor as much for marketing purposes, it’s important to know you can even choose the texture of the paper. Your wholesale paper supplier can give you bulk paper with a soft, subtle feel that will fascinate new customers and repeat customers alike. Artists especially enjoy paper with heavy ‘teeth’, as it holds graphite, paint, and charcoal better than smoother materials. Now that you’ve picked up more terms you should have a better idea as to what kind of paper you’ll be buying this year.

Buying The Right Wholesale Paper

Paper should reflect your business on sight. That means glossy paper for an enriching print or pristine, white wholesale paper for professional purposes. You can buy envelopes in bulk once you specify a certain type and make, saving you time as you figure out your printing process for the rest of the month. A wholesale paper supplier can also provide you with a means of recycling paper so you can do your part to create a more eco-friendly business. Simply put…you name it, there’s an option for it.

Paper holds fast in our hearts ever still. What kind of wholesale cardstock paper will suit your brand best?

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