How Your Business Could Benefit From Rubber Wristbands

Rfid wristbands for events

Are you in the market for the newest design of identification wrist bands? Businesses all over America are finding reasons to utilize the latest in identification wrist band designs – one of which is rubber wrist bands. Here are a few of the top industries that use rubber wrist bands:

1. Hospitals – If you or a member of your family has ever had an extended stay in the hospital you may have noticed that patients are all given wrist bands. These are used not only for patient identification but can also be given different meanings as well. In fact, more than 25 state hospital associations have gone as far as to provide their local hospitals with voluntary guidelines on coding various rubber wristband colors. For instance, many hospitals use the American Hospital Association alerts which are: yellow for a fall risk patient, red for allergy notification, and purple for do not resuscitate patients. In addition to this, 7 different states have designated pink bracelets for hospital patients with restricted extremities.

2. Resorts – The last think you want to think about while you are on vacation at some amazing and relaxing resort is your identification card to show that you are a visitor. Resorts understand this which is why they sometimes use custom printed tyvek wristbands to place this information. That way a resort visitor doesn’t have to worry about keeping their room key, identification badge, wallet, and everything else on their person at one time. In addition to using the tyvek material some resorts are now using custom silicone wristbands and rubber wrist bands for these purposes. People tend to enjoy wearing silicone or rubber wrist bands better than the paper feel of the tyvek bands.

3. Hotel Nightclubs – Another business environment that is continually purchasing custom printed wristbands for events is the hotel nightclub industry. Hotel nightclubs can use identification wrist bands for special events when only a certain few people are allowed to enter the night club – if you don’t have the right wrist band then you don’t get in. Imagine the amount of time that would save if all a door person had to do was glance at a wrist band to verify that the visitor was supposed to be there.

As you can see, rubber wrist bands can be used for a variety of purposes and business needs. Your business may be designing the next innovative use for them right now! Whether you work for a hospital, resort, hotel nightclub or other organization that has a need for easy identification processes you may want to take a further look into how wrist bands could meet your needs.

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