How to Take Your Business’ Signs From Blah to Brilliant

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When you own a small business, it’s virtually a requirement to invest in signage that will let customers know where your business is located.

But why are signs for businesses even important at all?

You might not realize it, but your business’ signs do more for you than you think. In fact it’s estimated that signs can bring in half of a new business’ customers! This is because the average potential customer within a five-mile radius will view any given business’ sign as much as 50 to 60 times every month.

Knowing this, it’s essential to get signage for your business that is impossible for anyone to ignore.

Want to catch customers’ eye with your small business signage? Read these three tips to help you make your small business signs impossible to ignore:

Keep the consumer in mind

Signs for businesses have pretty much one major purpose — to communicate your brand’s message to the consumer. If the consumer can’t understand or interpret what your business is or does by looking at your signs, it’s time to revamp your signage. It’s usually a good idea to hire a graphic design professional to determine the look of your sign, as graphic designers understand how to convey a brand’s message to the public better than anyone else.

Make text big, bold and readable

What use is an external sign if no one can read it from the road? For all your business’ outdoor signs, all text should be in a simple, sans-serif font that’s large and easy to read. The same rings true for internal signage, but the text for these signs doesn’t have to be quite as big, as the customer doesn’t have to read them from a faraway distance.

Don’t skimp on quality

At any new or start-up business, it’s easy to want to cut corners and save money wherever possible. However, your signs shouldn’t be one of the places where you cut corners. The average consumer can tell when a sign is low in quality, and seeing this will deter them from entering the business in the first place. Your signs are an investment that will work for you every hour of the day and every day of the week — it’s okay to splurge a little on quality.

Have any other pointers on improving custom signs for businesses? Share with us — or ask any questions you may have — by leaving a comment for us below! Helpful research also found here. More like this blog.

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