How to Prevent Accidents at Work

Industrial lifting devices

Construction is an important and necessary service, but also a potentially dangerous one: several thousand construction injuries happen every year, with the four most common causes being falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object, or getting caught in between two objects. However, thanks to a variety of safety procedures, including proper safety training and equipment, construction is gradually becoming a safer occupation: for example, from 2012-2013, the United Kingdom only had 148 construction deaths, an 18% decrease from 2011.

Construction safety training is anything that ensures that construction workers understand the safest way to handle equipment and the the tasks they perform. This can include crane safety training, forklift safety training, fall protection training, rigging certification, and several other options. One of the most versatile among these types of education, fall safety training, teaches workers how to avoid dangerous situations which could lead to fatal injury. This, combined with the proper equipment, can help prevent construction site injuries and fatalities.

Construction safety courses and equipment, ranging from lifting chains and rigging supplies to fall protection systems, are so effective that they are now recommended for construction companies: OSHA advises construction companies to train their workers in slip, trip, and fall safety. OSHA, of course, is an agency that conducts various equipment and job safety inspections on random construction companies each year, meaning that training your employees in construction safety training courses could only help you pass a potential inspection.

However, a positive inspection review isn’t the only thing construction safety training and equipment can benefit: by investing in the proper safety education and materials, a construction creates a safer environment for their employees, something important in an industry where the job site is constantly changing. Safety courses and equipment help prevent injuries and fatalities, keeping your employees happier and healthier, and preventing economic losses for your company.

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