How To Give Back To Your Community While Saving Money

Though many people give monetary amounts to charity each and every year here in the United States, this is not always an option for every single person. After all, many people, even those who are not in need of charity themselves, find themselves stressed out over money to at least some extent. Living is expensive here in the United States, from paying for rent (or a mortgage) to buying the food that you eat on a weekly, biweekly, or even monthly basis. On top of this, many people pay for gas, for childcare, and for any other number of expenses that prevent them from having the extra money to put aside for the purposes of charitable donations.

Fortunately, veterans clothing donations can go a long way – and are sometimes an even better alternative to donating money. After all, just about everyone has used clothing that they can make into veterans clothing donations, and veterans clothing donations can be hugely impactful even in just your community, as veterans clothing donations and other used clothing donations can be ideal for helping struggling veterans and their families, providing them with the resources that they might not otherwise have had. After all, veterans often struggling when reentering civilian life, and veteran clothing donations and veterans charities can serve an important role in helping them as much as is possible.

But aside from the good they will do for the people in need in your community, veterans clothing donations are also ideal from an environmental standpoint. After all, clothing consumption has risen considerably over the course of the last few decades and even within just the last few years alone. In fact, clothing consumption has doubled over the last couple of decades alone, with the average person buying nearly 70 new garments and articles of clothing in just one year – not even counting the shoes that they buy as well. To put this more clearly, the average American woman of nearly 100 years ago owned about nine different outfits, whereas the modern American woman of today owns an average of as many as 30 full outfits, if not even more than that.

And with this increase in consumption has been an increase in waste, something that has certainly become a growing problem here in the United States as well as throughout the rest of the world as a whole too. After all, the data shows that up to 70 pounds of various textile products are thrown away by the average person in the United States each and every year, with clothing waste accounting for about ten of those pounds. In total, around ten and a half million tons of clothing wind up in American landfills each and every year, a number that, if nothin is changed about the ways in which we consume, is only likely to climb and climb in the years that are to come.

Fortunately, however, veterans clothing donations for helping families in need can have a hugely positive impact not only on the lives of those families but on the overall wellbeing of our environment as well, something that has truly become more of a priority than every before in the minds of many. Already, with up to 15% of all used clothing donated instead of simply thrown away, more than four and a half billion pounds of clothing alone are kept from ending up in landfills on a yearly basis. However, this can be drastically improved, as it is estimated that nearly all of textiles, nearly 100% can be donated instead of simply discarded and tossed away, even if they aren’t resold or redistributed for their original purpose.

Making veterans clothing donations or other such clothes donations is even ideal for the person doing the donating, as it allows them to declutter their homes and their lives as a whole. After all, the typical home here in the United States holds up to 300,000 objects and, even though the typical home size has as much as doubled in recent decades, this still contributes to a great deal of clutter. Giving away clothing can certainly make a difference for many.

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