How to Cut Costs With Your Current Freight Shipping Company

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Part of running a successful business is keeping your operating costs as low as possible, since this has a direct effect on your bottom line. One of the biggest expenses a business can have is shipping, especially since now much of the retail world revolves around online shopping. If your business does a high volume of shipping and you’re looking for ways to reduce freight costs, here are three ways to do it.

1. Audit Your Freight Bills
When you get billed for freight services, chances are you just pay it and move on to the next one, but this might be one of the ways you’re overpaying for your shipping. Mistakes and oversights can happen in billing, and it’s up to you to check into them and make sure that you’re being charged the proper rate for the right services.

2. Evaluate Your Service Level
It’s also easy to pick a service plan with a shipping company and leave it at that, but another way to help reduce the amount of money you’re paying for shipping is to reevaluate the services you’re buying and see if you really need them. If you aren’t using all of the services under your plan or the way you’re shipping is changing, then you should think about whether or not your current plan is working for your needs.

3. Get Refunds When Applicable
This is something that some businesses don’t realize that they can do or they don’t understand how the process works. Sometimes things happen during shipping, and if mistakes are made you’re well within your rights to make transportation claims to secure refunds from parcel carriers. Making claims for parcel service failure refunds can recover losses from lost or undelivered product.

Make sure you take the time to look into each of these three ways to reduce shipping costs. Audit your freight bills regularly, evaluate your services, and make transportation claims when you need to, to make sure that you’re making the most of what you pay. Research more like this.

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