How to Construct Energy Efficient Buildings

Throughout the United States, buildings are being constructed on a daily basis. That being said, many site owners prefer construction companies utilize efficient building materials. Efficient buildings allow property owners to continue keeping monthly bills low. One study found that heating and cool make up for 50% of all energy used throughout a home. Considering that, these costs are likely to be much costlier for large commercial buildings. Here is how your contracting company can begin building with efficiency in mind.

Creating Energy Efficient Walls

If you’re looking to create more efficient walls, it’s important to focus on adequate insulation. Properly insulating a building helps to increases its R value. Before you start using any staple guns, you’ll want to know about exterior insulated finish systems. These systems are shown to reduce air infiltration within walls by up to 55% when compared to both wood and brick construction. In some cases, you might have no choice but to utilize wood construction. If so, consider using spray foam which has been shown to reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 60%.

Constructing Efficient Roofs

Another important aspect of creating efficient buildings focuses on roofing concerns. Fortunately, there is a wide range of materials that help create efficient roofs. For instance, certain contractors use what are known as cool roofs materials. These materials form a coating that drastically helps reduce energy absorption through roofs. Before you can begin working on roofs, you’ll need to understand the type of building your client wants. If a building needs to have a certain slope, your roofing material choices might be limited.

Determining the Efficiency of Windows

Before most building construction jobs can be completed, these structures need windows. Fortunately, many window companies continue to produce efficient offerings for their customers. Many clients looking for efficiency prefer dual paned windows. These thick windows feature two panes and are great for blocking out external air. In certain locations across the United States, these types of windows are required. That being said, this only happens in areas where hurricanes are tropical storms are known to hit.

In closing, it’s important to construct efficient buildings for your clients. That being said, it’s impossible to do this without the right tools. Whether you need staple guns or power drills, you’ll want to choose a reliable construction tool provider. Having a wide selection of construction power tool accessories to choose from help ensure projects are completed fast and efficiently.

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