How to Avoid Back Pain in the Office

Heavy duty office chairs

Back pain is the biggest complaint from office workers who have to sit all day. Incorrect sitting postures place strain on the spinal column, creating nerve and muscular pains. But there are many things workers can do while still seated in desk chairs for back pain relief. They can make themselves more comfortable, and avoid any unnecessary strain on the back.

  • Don’t Sit All the Time – The first important thing to remember is that no matter how comfortable your desk area may be, you still need to get up about every 30 minutes to walk around to avoid muscle atrophy.
  • Get the Right Chair – Make sure you’re sitting in small computer desk chairs for back pain, particularly with a lumbar pillow insert. Even better, if the seat reclines, that will reduce strain on your spine.
  • Kee Your Thighs Flat – Sit in your chair so tat your thighs are flat and parallel with the ground. Adjust the height of your chair if need be.
  • Mind Your Forearms – Sit with your forearms just slightly below parallel. If this isn’t possible, too high is better than too low.
  • Monitor Distance – Sit close enough to your computer screen to be an arm’s length away from it. Should not have to lean forward at all, which can strain your back.
  • Phone Calls Buy a headset if you talk on the phone a lot. Craning your next towards the phone is extremely bad for your cervical spine.
  • Arm Rests – Adjust your arm rests so that they lift your elbows just slightly, which will help take some of the strain off of your shoulders and back.
  • Wrist Placement – Place your wrists so that you hold them right above the keyboard. Make sure they do not tip down or up.
  • Odds and Ends – Make sure you place any commonly used objects, like pens, mouse, and stapler all within arm’s reach, so you don’t have to stretch and strain to reach for them.

If you’re going to be sitting at work, you want to make sure you have the best chair. The best chairs for lower back pain are ergonomic computer chairs. With chairs that are comfortable and well adjusted, you won’t have to blame your desk chairs for back pain experienced at work. Check out this site for more. Learn more.

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