How Propane Burners Are Helping You Wake Up Every Morning

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It’s hard enough to get up in the morning everyday, but sometimes the only solace to look forward to is a delicious breakfast. Between croissants to danishes, there are a variety of pastries that can kick off the day in a positive spirit.

Many of these baked goods are extremely delicate and can be temperamental. Likely the most important tool for any baker is a reliable oven that can bake the pastries at a very specific temperature and time span.

Electric ovens are a popular choice with about 40 to 45% of companies who use ovens in their production utilizing electric models. However, the majority of commercial ovens are powered by natural gas using gas pipe burners, amounting up to 55 to 60%.

Part of the reasoning behind this is how reliable and precise propane burners are in moderating temperature. Even though people are used to using electric and digital products for their reliability, gas burners can alter heat extremely quickly. This not only saves time but, but the baking time can be monitored more carefully.

Besides just how frail many of these pastries are, most bakeries end up baking many of them at one time in order to get them ready for the morning rush. Revolving ovens powered with propane burners can offer the ability to hold anywhere between eight to 32 pans of goods at any given time. Without precise temperature control, enormous batches of baked goods could be wasted.

With so many people pining after the most important meal of the day, you would be hard pressed to find a town that wasn’t littered with bakeries. Currently there are an estimated 2,800 commercial bakeries throughout the United States.

That means there are thousands of industrial ovens in use everyday just by bakeries. Next time you wake up with a cheese danish, you may want to thank the propane burners as well as the bakers.

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