How Print and Copy Marketing can Help Your Business

Print and copy services

If you are thinking about online marketing versus print marketing, it is time to consider both. 76% of small businesses say their marketing strategy consists of both print and digital communications. By combing both strategies, a wider range of customers will be able to be reached and marketing can be targeted to certain areas. Although both are good strategies, currently print and copy services are becoming a more popular way to reach customers. 85% of people read their snail mail on a regular basis, with 40% of people trying a new business after receiving direct mail. Furthermore, for every 2,000 cards a company passes out, sales increase by 2.5%. So just what are the ways print advertising can help your business?

Print Excites People
Some may say print marketing is fading out, but that is not true. Many people who get their mail on a daily basis have the reasoning that “if it is in print, it must be important to pay attention too.” Whether this is coupons, advertisements, or information, most consumers glance at the mail while sorting it allowing your information to be seen.

People Unplug
At the end of the day, the last thing many people want to do is look at a computer screen. With so many of our attention focused on social media, the internet, and computer work, there is no way many of us would sort through online ads ad the end of the day. If at the end of the work day a print and copy ad is in the mailbox, it is more likely to be looked through than if it were online.

Customer Retention
Customer retention is one of your goals as a business. Sending your customers print and copy information through easy shipping services online will keep you in their memory. The more often they are exposed to your brand, products, and/or services, the more likely they are to use them when the need arises.

More Relevant
Believe it or not, print makes you more relevant than businesses who solely advertise online. With print media, there are many ways to get creative. Companies can print your brand or logo on many different types of items, so don’t be afraid to hand those out as networking tools as well.

Print and copy services may allow you to reach many new potential customers while retaining the old ones. Print is versatile and consumers look at it every day while sorting through the mail. Combine both digital and print marketing services to make a large impact and build your brand as you grow your company. In addition, some print companies offer tax prep services to help you cover all your business needs in one place.

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