How Geotechnical Investigations Helps Businesses Across the World


It’s important to ensure that any structure is built on the proper foundation. A geotechnical investigation is a process used by many companies. It’s best to have this investigation done to ensure land is ready for construction to begin. Understanding information about a surface lets a company know what type of building can be constructed. In addition, height and weight requirements let a business owner know about limits pertaining to the height of a structure. In this post, you will learn about various phases that make up a geotechnical investigation.

What Happens During a Typical Investigation

The initial phases of a site investigation will revolve around taking early tests. The end results of these tests are to determine how favorable a location is for future structures. In addition, there are further geotechnical aspects looked at concerning future risk assessment. These assessments will look at the site itself as well as the surrounding environment. No company wants to build on a new site to find out expansion is severely limited. An engineering firm will help ensure your future building site is safe.

Not all information is gathered from a site visit. There is another phase of many geotechnical investigations known as a desk study. This study will typically have someone working indoors to gather historical data about a specific site. The data gathered is combined with the results of a site investigation to help further narrow down potential construction sites.

The Dangers of Failing to Have a Site Investigated

It is not advised that any building skip out on a proper site investigation. Failing to have investigations done carry huge risks concerning liability for a company. Building on a site that you don’t have information about can lead to a building’s structure becoming compromised. Dangers from an unsafe building include injury and, in worst case scenarios, death.

In closing, a geotechnical investigation is something every site needs to have. These investigations consist of tests that are performed in and around a potential building site. Another phase of geotechnical investigations will involve someone gathering historical site data. After all relevant information is gathered, the results of multiple sites are compared. The results of a geotechnical investigation have helped business create safe structures that last a lifetime.

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