How Effective Is Direct Mail for Marketing Purposes?

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In the modern age of technology and electronics, it’s easy for us to forget the traditional and physical methods of marketing and advertising. Although email marketing, and other digital marketing campaigns certainly have their benefits, direct mail marketing companies still hold a lot of value. The Direct Marketing Association claims that “response rates for direct mail to an existing customer average 3.4%, compared with 0.12% for email, which is roughly a 30-fold difference.”

Direct mail marketing companies have been providing advertising and brand recognition solutions using customized postcards for decades. In fact, the first business postcards to be printed in the United States date all the way back to 1893, and they was used to advertise the World’s Columbia Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, the earliest known picture postcard was sent in 1940 by the writer Theodore Hook to himself – the postcard featured a hand-drawn caricature of postal workers.

While email marketing campaigns prove to be a simpler, more affordable way to advertise and promote brand awareness, the success of direct mail campaigns haven’t suffered from the addition of electronic mailing. According to a recent survey, direct mail marketing delivered the strongest ROI (return on investment) for customer acquisition for B2C (business to consumer) marketers. Additional research from surveys suggest that even younger consumers (in the 18-34 demographic) prefer to receive marketing offers through postal mail, rather than online. Although direct mail costs may be more than electronic mail costs, it’s tough to argue that marketing campaigns utilizing direct mail aren’t worth spending the extra money for. However, combining both direct mail and email marketing together in a marketing campaign can prove to be a very powerful marketing strategy.

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