How Does A Business Get Noticed? Five Simple Improvements To Make To Your On-Site Sign This Year

How can customers support your business when you don’t tell them about it?

This can seem like basic logic, but when it comes to signs, many businesses are still lagging behind. That’s because the function of a sign is to achieve several important elements at once. It’s a great tool to redirect foot traffic to your place of business, even if you do a lot of online sales. It’s a useful way to communicate your business values at a glance. Last, but not least, it’s how you show you’re a professional location worthy of someone’s time.

Signs for businesses are an art form. When you hire a sign company to do the legwork, you’ll be impressed by how much your business grows.

Commercial Signs Are The Staple Of Any Professional Business

A business without a professional sign is like a five-star dinner served without silverware. It comes across as incomplete at best…and unprofessional at worst. A recent survey found 65% of respondents reporting the business sign quality affected their purchase. When you consider just how often nearby residents will see your sign, that number becomes even more striking. If your custom signs aren’t a consistent presence in your area, you’re missing out on a lot of potential repeat buyers.

Foot Traffic Does Best With A Strategically Placed Sign

One of the first things a sign company will ask you is where your shop is. This is due to most of your buyers being locals — on average, customers will see a business sign 50 times per month if they live within the area. Think about how many more people you could get dropping by if you placed your sign strategically! Places with a lot of foot traffic, such as plazas, crosswalks, and downtown squares are a good place to start. Supplementing your signs with a little variety will make sure your message carries.

Outdoor Signs Take On Several Different Forms

It’s not just your main on-site sign you should be thinking about. What about your billboards? According to recent estimates, a staggering 70% of people look at messages on roadside signs. In fact, another survey found 75% of customers stating they entered an unfamiliar store based on the sign alone. Local sign companies are keen on making sure people know what your business is about at a glance. Creating several sign presences will make sure your message is never drowned out.

A Compelling Sign Should Favor Simplicity Over Complexity

You may be tempted to go overboard with your sign design. Resist the urge, as a complicated sign can actually turn customers away. One survey found nearly 50% of in-store shoppers listing on-site signage as the main reason they dropped by for a visit. If your customers are at all confused about what your business has to offer, this can end up turning out sour. Use no more than two or three colors and make sure your sign has a strong focal point that draws the eye.

A Sign Company Will Give You A Little Bit Of Everything

Businesses are in a constant state of needing improvement. Whether it’s improving marketing efforts or hiring a few more people, your business is a dynamic entity constantly responding to feedback. Seek out a sign company that is just as eager to see you succeed as you are. They can take a look at your local presence, assess your already existing signs, and provide you a means of getting noticed more easily. Commercial signs take on the form of roadside billboards, on-site signs, window decals, A-signs, and digital signs.

Which ones will help you stand out? There’s only one way to know for sure. Talk to a sign company this week about their most successful business signs.

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