How Do CNC Machines and Their Parts Work? Here’s a Breakdown of Common Machine Tools

Cnc tool holders

Most people don’t give much thought to how items are produced in the world’s factories. However, it’s important to consider this process, especially as more offshored jobs get “reshored” back to the United States. Manufacturing has gone from simple assembly lines to high-tech, fully automated production that uses complex machinery and equipment known as CNC tools. CNC, or computer numerical control, allows for programming to control all stages of manufacturing.

Because these machines are becoming so high-tech, it’s crucial to know the basics about all of these tools. Here are just a few common parts that help make manufacturing possible today:

Tool Presetters

CNC tool presetters help to program jobs in factories. These computers help workers specify settings for creating certain objects. For instance, if a company needs 1,000 pieces of steel cut into identical shapes, a presetter helps to make this possible. Presetters can also help a shop become more disciplined by measuring cuts and other functions to the highest degree of accuracy.

CNC Tool Holders

CNC tool holders are used to keep a machine’s moving parts in place. These clamping systems, which can also include chucks and collets, help to control the movement of cutting tools and other parts, all of which tend to work at high speeds and high velocities. CNC tool holders also need to be able to withstand heat in machinery, and they need to be the correct size for the cutting tools being used.

Cutting Tools

Cutting tools, in terms of CNC machinery, include parts such as boring tools, drills, and other milling parts. These parts help to bore or drill holes into objects, cut materials into specific sizes and shapes, and perform other functions to manufacture certain items. The type of cutting tools used depend largely on what materials are being shaped.

Tapping Tools

Finally, there are also objects known as tapping tools. These machine tool parts are responsible for adding threading to objects, usually metal pipes and similar items. This is done through the use of tap adapters, which can add internal and external threading to article of manufacture.

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