How Clean is Your Office? You’d Be Surprised to Know!

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Germs. They’re literally everywhere, literally. While it’s normal to expect your personal bathroom or kitchen to be rife with germs at your home, did you know that offices are some of the germiest places in the United States?

It’s been estimated that the average workplace in the U.S. is teeming with over 500 different kinds of bacteria. If that’s not enough to make your skin crawl, consider the fact that research has revealed office phones contain a staggering 25,000 bacteria per square inch. In fact, you assume a toilet is likely to contain the most amount of bacteria, however, research has shown that a toilet can be up 50 times cleaner than your unassuming computer mouse and mouse pad.

In addition, while everyone might like to hang around the coffee machine or water cooler on a Monday morning to discuss their weekends, it’s been found that nearly 25% of water cooler buttons contain harmful bacteria that can cause illness. Because of these reasons, it’s easy to see why illness tends to spread so quickly around an office.

Professional office cleaning services are vital to maintaining a healthy, sanitary work environment, which in turn, makes your employees happier, healthier, and therefore, more productive. Janitorial cleaning services allows you and your employees to do what you do best while leaving the heavy lifting to the pros.

Before hiring a particular service, you may want to obtain a commercial cleaning quote in order to get an idea of what you’ll paying for this service. Commercial cleaning quotes are especially important, as they allow you and the service representative to identify the goals and objectives of the other person.

The consultation is also an excellent time to point out any “problem areas” that you or your employees are concerned with. For example, the break may get particularly dirty or messy after a long week of use. Helpful research also found here.