How Clean Is Your Carpet? The Importance of Regular Deep Cleaning

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When was the last time you had all of your home’s carpets cleaned? Experts recommend that they should be professionally cleaned a minimum of every 12 to 18 months. In some cases, particularly if you have lots of foot traffic and pets, you’ll want to clean them even more often.

There are a variety of health hazards associated with dirty carpets. A recent survey showed that 22% of its American participants believe their carpet is actually dirtier than their toilet seats.

The Norwalk virus, or Norovirus, for example, is able to survive and thrive for a month or even longer on an uncleaned carpet. Then there’s all those dust mites. Around 2,000 of these minuscule creatures can live on an ounce of carpet dust.

Clean homes mean clean carpets. That’s the perspective of 84% of people in the United States. In order to accomplish this, many families clean their own homes. However, when they hire cleaning services, which includes residential floor cleaning services, families will have more time to spend together. In fact, they may gain back 30 days a year to do something other than cleaning when they use residential floor cleaning services.

Do you also have carpets where you work? Were you aware that exposure to dust can decrease cognitive skills by 2%to 6%? If you or your employees are experiencing difficulty concentrating, chances are it’s the dust in your office’s carpet.

The good news is that when your office is professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you’ll experience less absenteeism. It’s been shown that when offices hire a professional carpet cleaning service, absenteeism has been reduced by 46%. Furthermore, when your carpets are kept clean, your employees are less likely to catch a cold or flu. Clean carpets reduce the incidence of this occurring by 80%.

It’s been found that just 55% of American homeowners are following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recommendations. The EPA advises homeowners to have their carpets deep cleaned every 6 months or so. When you consider the consequences of living with dirty carpets, doesn’t it make sense to listen to the EPA and hire professional carpet cleaners for your home and office?