How An After Hour Answering Service Can Help Businesses

Right now, customer service experiences are so important to the overall success of a business. Therefore, businesses are now investing in certain services that can help strengthen their customer service support system. For instance, many businesses are now interested in using an after hour answering service for their business.

Three-quarters, just about 75%, of customers would prefer the option to be called back as opposed to standing and waiting on the line. Customers prefer to handle problems over the phone. As a matter of fact, there is plenty of data that points to this idea.

Eighty percent of consumers prefer to contact customer service representatives over the phone. Ninety-one percent of all United States citizens have their mobile device within reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, the benefits that can come from a business using answering services for small businesses and an after hour answering service are limitless!

Calling Services Provide Customers With Satisfaction

The number one thing customers are looking for when they call contact centers is to have their problems resolved quickly. Therefore, the number one job for any calling service should be to handle and take care of any problem. However, this cannot happen if a customer calls too late when a business is closed. It is best to instead hire in an after hour answering service to get help!

According to real data, commercial answering services are incredibly important and provide customers with plenty of satisfaction. According to Forrester, telephone customer service has the highest satisfaction compared to other online customer service channels, at 69%. Getting an after hour answering service for your business is not a lot of work and will provide you with some really great results!

Seventy-nine percent of consumers prefer to interact with companies by phone compared to other options. Just about Eighty percent of people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail. These people that hang up on the voicemail may decide to take their business elsewhere and that is why it is so important to invest in on call after hours answering services.

Calling Services Can Improve A Customer Service Experience

According to a 2016 report from Forbes, businesses are losing $62 billion per year due to bad customer service. Now, take a moment and really focus in on that number. While an individual business is not going to lose out this amount of money, they will suffer some serious losses. Therefore, getting a live answering service or an after hour answering service is such a simple way to improve the overall performance of a customer service experience department.

Two-thirds of consumers would be willing to spend more with a particular company, 13% more, on average, following an excellent customer service experience. So you can potentially snag some new customers by just simply providing them with a high-quality customer service experience. Do not waste your time with inferior customer service tactics!

Heavily scripted calls may not be the best approach; they can eliminate two elements essential to the customer service experience: empathy and emotion. This means that you can set up after hour answering service with a script. That way, your workers will know just what to say at the right time. Then, you can watch your business flourish as more and more customers are pleased with their customer service experience.

Closing Words On Using An After Hour Answering Service

Much like the rise of digital marketing, customer service experiences are a huge deal for businesses. This is because you do not need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get great results. So why not take advantage of some great opportunities that can help your business excel!

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