How After Hour Telephone Services Impacts Small Medical Businesses

Medical answering services are highly utilized in the healthcare field to effectively communicate with a medical professional to talk with patients about personal medical issues and advice needed to solve their situation. Most physicians who use a medical answering service have started their own practice and needs to keep their records close together to ensure the patient’s medical records are safe. Typically, those who have their own practice have trouble keeping up with the amount of work that comes along with dealing with patients, even after work hours. For most physicians, they invest in medical answering services that range from a 24 hour answering service or an after hours answering services that greatly assist patients with their medical emergencies or concerns that occur after hours. Using commercial answering services are extremely helpful for clients; research shows the primary factor patients look for when using medical answering services is quickly having their problems resolved. Telephone answering services for customer service has the highest satisfaction rate when compared to online customer service channels at 69%.

>b>What Are The Logistics Behind Phone Answering Services?

When physicians use a phone service to control their incoming calls properly, it’s sometimes best to have an answering script prepared to use base on specifications of the call. There are certain resources required in case of an emergency and contact times for additional resources. It’s best to include this within the answering script to allow clients to fully benefit from a medical answering service that is specifically tailored to suit the needs of their clients. Because an operator supervisor is typically a position that oversees other answering service representatives, they often help representatives navigate through sensitive medical issues and how to respond properly. There is an answering service policy to help representatives tailor their answering script that follows medical guidelines of doctor-patient confidentiality that are compliant with HIPPA, FACTA, and COPPA to optimize medical practices and reduce other expenses.

There are also certain tips and rules to consider when utilizing a medical answering service for a small medical practice. Appointment scheduling is something that is imperative to know when answering the phone and assisting a client.

a. What days and times can appointments be scheduled?

b. Are operators allowed to schedule more than one patient per timeslot?

c. How long is each appointment? Do clients have an option to choose the amount of time?

d. Should a block be cleared for lunch hour?

e. Are evening or weekend appointments offered?

f. Are their additional locations? What is the main phone number?

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