How a Job Coach Can Kickstart Your Career

Personal executive coaching

The financial crisis of the mid 2000’s resulted in thousands of Americans losing their jobs, several of which had life-long careers. Though the impact was devastating, Americans are resilient in the face of adversity, and used this time to reevaluate their skill sets and career goals in order to find or even create new jobs for themselves.

Though the housing and job markets have shown promising signs of recovery, job seekers of all ages, from recent college graduates to experience baby boomers, are having difficulty securing stable jobs that can cover their expenses.

However, regardless of what stage you are at in your career, job coaches can help you find, land, or create your dream job or career.

Similar to personal coaching, job coaches, along with motivational life coaches help people to gain clarity and insight into their personal goals and relationships, allowing them to live more fulfilling lives. Job coaching is no different, and if you find yourself stuck in a job or career rut, considering job or personal life coaching.

Job coaches carefully work with you in order to evaluate and determine your unique skill set and professional experience. Perhaps your looking to make a big career change from industry to industry. You may feel that it’s impossible, given that you have little to no experience in your new chosen field. However, if you have passion, determination, and drive, a job coach will be able to motivate you to make the necessary changes. Or, perhaps you already have a stable career but are looking to start your own business. A job coach can help you navigate the process, and give you the courage you need to pursue your goals.

Many people find job and life coaching services more beneficial than therapy due to it’s hands on approach. Similar to therapists, job and life coaches are not your friend, and are there to get you back into gear. During the process, you will be challenged and your boundaries will be pushed. This is all done in an effort to get you to think outside of your comfort zone in order to create realistic short and long term goals for yourself.

If you’re ready to make a personal or career change, consider life or job coaching. You may be surprised at how fun the process can be. In fact, it may even inspire you to become a life coach yourself! Get more on this here.

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