Hazmat Workers Are In High Demand Starting A New, Flexible Career Field In 2019 With RCRA Training

Some industries are experiencing a higher rate of demand than others.

Handling hazardous materials remains a difficult, yet highly coveted job skill in the United States. From transporting goods across the transportation network to fulfilling jobs that require entering confined spaces, this is one area you could consider applying to next time you’re job hunting. Not only will you have more than enough opportunities for growth, you’ll also enjoy good pay and steady job security. RCRA training online will prepare you with accessible courses that cover the basics, right up to getting you your certification.

What do you know about DOT hazardous materials training? Get started on the right foot with the list below.

The United States Remains A Major Producer

Demand for hazmat workers is high for a reason. The United States remains a worldwide leader in several industries — Natural gas, asphalt, and Coca Cola are the highest weight of commodities shipped and total 2,600 million tons every year. Electronics, however, remain the highest valued commodity shipped and account for $1,600 billion. International transport of hazardous materials is necessary to keep just about every industry afloat, whether it’s providing direct goods or essential resources to businesses. OSHA hazmat training is just one way of getting your foot in the door.

Trucking Is In Need Of More Workers

Should you be considering a job in transportation, look no further than trucking. Every year over three billion tons of hazardous materials are shipped, with nearly 95% of these daily hazmat shipments done by truck. On the whole, recent studies have estimated 11 billion tons of freight are shipped across 250 billion miles. Trucking is a job that requires steady driving skills and long hours, though not before you finish your RCRA training online. Due to your sensitive cargo the risk for an extreme accident are even higher than usual.

Hazardous Materials Require Extensive Training

As you can imagine, learning how to properly handle hazardous materials means studying hard and refreshing yourself on a regular basis. Flammable liquids — particularly gasoline — remain the most transported hazardous materials in the United States. They total 85% by value, 85% by weight and just over 65% by ton-miles. Your hazardous waste management training online course will cover handling, transportation, personal safety, and much more to prepare you for what’s ahead. You’ll enjoy the benefits of this education almost immediately.

Hazmat Workers Enjoy Good Pay And Steady Work

Because of this rough work and high demand hazmat workers have a lot to look forward to in their new field. As of 2016 hazardous material removal workers made a median annual salary of $40,000. Truck drivers also see steady hours and room for growth, particularly if they want to switch industries. Texas remains the biggest oil producing state in the country. Two years ago they reached 1,100 million barrels and accounted for nearly 45% of the total oil production in the United States.

You Can Complete Your RCRA Training Online

You don’t have to worry about moving to a new city or visiting college in-person. RCRA training online is an accessible means of expanding upon existing education or starting you over entirely fresh. Most hazmat workers today complete up to 40 hours of training, as mandated by OSHA. Some, however, are also required to have state licenses. A DOT training course is a great place to start expanding your perspective and supplementing your skillset.

Take advantage of the demand. Look into a new career field in 2019.

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