Have You Ever Had the Chance to Travel by Charter Jet?

The weekend was a success. After winning the bid for an all expense paid trip to watch your favorite professional football team, you were more than a little impressed that you get get an executive jet charter for the trip. With both pick up and drop off services at the airport, the chance to get an executive jet charter was an added bonus. The package also included sideline passes which allowed you to arrive at 9:30 am for the 2:00 pm game. The full service suite provided food, drinks, and access to both indoor and outdoor viewing of the game.

It was an opportunity that was far beyond any of the ways you have traveled or watched a game in the past. The private aircraft charter offered a level of luxurious travel that was unlike any of the first class flight experiences you have had on even the most expensive trips for work.

After this weekend, in fact, you now realize that it is unlikely that you will be able to be satisfied with commercial travel in the future.

Private Jet Charters Offer the Best of Services for All Kinds of Customers

From business travel to the top one percent who want to travel for pleasure, there are a number of people who want to find a way to travel with the highest levels of service. Charter jet travelers have the option to select arrival and departure times that have far more flexibility than commercial airlines. In addition to the convenience of arrival and departure times, private charter jets also have shorter security lines and more convenient parking options.

Perhaps the most important advantage of private charters is the fact that business travelers can be productive while they are in flight. So much so, in fact, that respondents to a 2009 survey indicated that they are 20% more productive on a company aircraft than when they are in the office. When you factor in that 30% of all business aircraft flights are into a secondary airport that are smaller and easier to navigate, you realize that this is indeed a great way to travel. Even for the 19% of flights that are into large commercial airports, private charters often have separate boarding areas that are less crowded and well appointed.

Whether it is for business or for leisure travel, private charter jets are the ultimate way to get from Point A to Point B.

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