Get Creative With Your Plastic Packaging

Hdpe bottles

So you have created a great product and are ready to move to the next step. Which raises the question: what type of container will you use? Will you need food packaging; blow molding for the specialty packaging you have in mind; do you need to find a custom plastic molding company for simple plastic bottles? Read below to calm your worries about this key step in manufacturing your unique product.

Food Grade Packaging Is Not Just Any Plastic Container.

Not all plastic is created equal. Some are made for durability, and others are formulated so that no contaminants are transferred to the ingestible product inside. There are many options if your product is a new type of food; about 70% of all flexible packaging on the market is plastic food packaging. A custom plastic molding company could make any plastic closure you can envision. Just consider making it easy to recycle as well. Some experts on the subject have estimated that as much as 1.7 pounds of food waste could be minimized.

Do You Need a Custom Plastic Molding Company?

If the package you want is complicated or unusual, then you very well might need to find a custom plastic molding company. There is a slowly growing trend of going outside the box, so to speak, and creating packaging that is more thoughtfully designed. This may show up by having a hidden message printed on the wrapper of a beverage container, or a container that can be reused once the product is consumed. It is not necessarily a feature that enhances the product, but can affect the way the consumer thinks about the company.

Blow Molding and Other Terms to Familiarize Yourself With.

Blow molding is a very old-fashioned technique that applies itself well to a few specific type of packages. The issue that arises is that the thickness of the walls cannot be absolutely regulated container to container when working with plastic. Glass bottles are best suited to this technique.

The package you choose for your product matters quite a bit. The customer will have an opinion on it if it proves to be difficult to use. Consider this step carefully when planning.

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