Four Reasons to Purchase Re-Manufactured Commercial Refrigeration Compressors

Remanufactured ac compressors

Refrigeration and AC compressors are probably the most essential part of any commercial refrigerator or air conditioning system.

So if the compressor in your commercial refrigerator has broken, you likely need a replacement — and you need one fast. Before you overspend on a brand new refrigeration compressor, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of purchasing a remanufactured or used compressor first.

To know more about why your company should opt for remanufactured AC compressors and refrigeration compressors, read these four advantages of purchasing re-manufactured compressors:

1. Remanufactured compressors are rigorously tested: The companies that produce remanufactured refrigeration parts test these parts according to stringent standards. This means your used compressors will be essentially guaranteed to be made to the highest quality standards and industry specifications.

2. Remanufactured compressors are cost-efficient: Compared to a new compressor, remanufactured and used compressors sell for significantly less. Replacing your commercial refrigerator compressor shouldn’t have to put a dent in your company’s budget — and this is why many businesses opt for these remanufactured parts instead of brand-new ones.

3. Used compressors are warranty-guaranteed: Many makers of used compressors guarantee their compressors with warranties that guarantee the part will work for several years. In the event that your remanufactured compressor does break, you can get a replacement for free.

4. Remanufactured compressors are environmentally responsible: In many cases, a broken compressor still has some parts that are working just fine. Rather than throwing away perfectly fine compressor parts, used compressor makers keep these parts and just replace the broken parts with brand-new ones. This significantly reduces the environmental impact that compressor manufacturing has — and you’ll feel good about your business doing its part to help the earth.

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