Four Considerations when Planning a NYE Party

Bulk waste pick-up and disposal

Are you planning the perfect New Year?s celebration? Have you secured your location, catering company, and decorations? Chances are, you have already completed these important party planning steps. But, have you considered things like clean up, bathroom services, or accommodations yet? These are some of the most forgotten party planning aspects that can really improve your parties? success.

Clean up services

If you are throwing a large New Year?s party, it is realistic that you could have hundreds, or even thousands of guests present. While this might sound exciting now, consider how it will look the next morning. There is likely to be a huge mess. Who is responsible for the cleanup? It could be a huge job for just one person. If you drink too much or simply stay up too late, you could be too tired to clean. If you are renting a space, you might even be required to have it cleaned up before the end of the night. Many party planners forget this important part of the event. Make sure you secure your cleaning plans ahead of time. There are many professional cleaning companies that will come out and clean the space for a fee.

Restroom abilities

Most houses, and even commercial spaces have minimal bathroom use. If you plan to have a large number of guests over for a party this year, you might need to consider alternative restrooms. Otherwise, you could be left with long lines to the bathroom and even plumbing problems. Because plumbing problems can require expensive repairs, it is usually best to use portable toilet rentals instead.

If alcohol is served at an event, the number of portable toilet rentals should increase by 13%. At concerts, there is typically one portable toilet rental per 60 people. This is a good number to go by when attempting to figure out how many portable toilet rentals you need. In most cases, you don?t have to do anything but schedule and pay for the rental. Your fee includes the restroom trailers, the septic service, and the hazardous waste disposal after the event.

Lodging accommodations

Many people often do not think about lodging when planning a New Year?s party. A majority of the guests will be drinking and are likely to be over the legal limit when it comes time for the event to come to an end. If you are the party host, it is a good idea to establish ahead of time what to do with guests that have no alternative transportation. You are likely to have at least one or two of them. You can open up a spare guest room for these guests. You could also arrange for a cab or other source of transportation to take these guests home. It is always a good idea to reduce alcohol consumption when you are the host of the party, so you can pay attention to these types of situations.

Other likely problems

When you host a party, especially a big one like New Year?s Eve, problems are likely to arise. You may not be able to prepare for all of them, but you can limit your alcohol intake. If you are worried about your ability to handle these problems, assign them to a co host. At least one person should be in charge of handling party problems as they come. Have the police department on speed dial, inform guests of bathroom locations ahead of time, and keep an eye on guests intoxication state.

There are many aspects involved in planning a party. As you plan your New Year party, remember to consider portable toilets, cleanup services, and lodging accommodations. Also, always have at least one party host in charge of handling problems as they come. These tips will help you plan a party that is successful and smooth going for everyone involved.

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