Focusing on Employees and Keeping Them Engaged

Employee development plan

When a company owner sits down and takes a look at how it can increase productivity and overall well-being within their company, usually they turn straight to the employees. There is a huge importance of employee development that many businesses fail to focus on, and definitely needs more attention within a variety of workplaces. Sometimes, it all boils down to keeping times current and giving employees something to focus their energy on. Perhaps they have not felt like they have been challenged for quite some time in the workplace, which is a very realistic complaint that is heard throughout workplaces every year. Perhaps the business needs new structure so that new jobs are created and show employees a bit more worth for their skills. No matter what, sometimes it all boils down to strategic planning and an employee development training program where everybody can share ideas on what works for them.

Where Companies Fall Short

Companies don’t always keep up with the trends, and that’s where their businesses fall short. Some businesses tend to forget to listen to what their employees want to see, and what they believe could improve a business overall. In fact, when we communicate with one another, we spend about 45% of our time listening – but if we learn the right ways to communicate on the job, we could improve the job at its core by working together.

The truth is, Americans don’t feel as engaged as they should in the workplace. Less than 1/3 of Americans feel engaged in their job every year. Companies also fall short when they are recommending who should be in charge of a company. Statistics show that companies fail in hiring good managers 82% of the time, which means businesses must be reevaluated.

A bit of development could go a long way. A study has shown that 85% of people think that there is an urgent need to accelerate the development of their leaders within companies. Where to start? A work retreat can sometimes offer great advice to a business that is headed in the wrong direction. There is a huge, vital importance of employee development and we believe there is hope for any company to excel. Take the opportunity and see for yourself.

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